Hiking in Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen

Rheinsteig and more - How to hike on the most beautiful hiking trails through the Rheingau and the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Whether Rheinsteig or Historienweg, Töpfer-Route or Rüdesheimer Hildegard-Weg - the hiking trails in and around Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen offer suitable hiking routes for every level of difficulty.

Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen have excellent rail, bus and boat connections. It is only 200 metres from the Central Hotel to the Rhine shipping piers. The train station is 800 metres away from the hotel. This makes the Central Hotel Rüdesheim your perfect starting point for hiking through the Rheingau and the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Premium Hiking Trail Rheinsteig

The premium hiking trail Rheinsteig offers everything to make a hiker's heart beat faster over a total length of 320 kilometres. Between Bonn and Wiesbaden, the superbly awarded Rheinsteig trail leads along the Rhine and through the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Numerous architectural, cultural and scenic highlights line up seamlessly while hiking.

The Rheinsteig offers ambitious hikers a first-class hiking experience at the highest level. The partly alpine route demands fitness and surefootedness. The many breathtaking vantage points and panoramic views of the shimmering silver Rhine, the legendary Loreley and numerous castles and palaces magically attract hikers from all over the world and reward them for the ascent.

Rüdesheim History Trail

Hiking on the Rüdesheim History Trail is particularly fascinating due to the wild and romantic sections in partly steep vineyards. Over a length of 15 kilometres, hikers will find extensive information about the numerous sights and the eventful history.

Hiking on the History Trail is recommended for experienced hikers with stamina and surefootedness due to the sometimes steep route.

Detailed hiking maps and personal hiking guides can be requested from the Tourist Information Rüdesheim.

Assmannshausen wild herb trail

On a hike along the newly developed Assmannshausen Wild Herb Hiking Trail, you will get closer to the most beautiful facets of the fairytale-like Middle Rhine Valley. Castles, the Rhine, wine experiences and wild, romantic nature combine to create a unique experience in the midst of the ancient cultural landscape. The status as UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley underpins the uniqueness of the region. Assmannshausen, as a well-known wine-growing village for red wine, offers the perfect setting for the new Kräuterwind adventure documentary near Rüdesheim. Hiking brings you particularly close to the uniqueness of flora, fauna and habitat.

On a total length of 8 kilometres, the hike on the wild herb trail leads you through vineyards, past the Assmannshäuser Höllenberg, old quarry stone walls, sparse forest edges and species-rich meadow margins. The species-rich vegetation is revealed by the growth of herbs such as wild rocket, fennel or even shield-steamer. The mild climate of the Rhine Valley supports the natural diversity. Hikers can identify over 20 wild herbs and get to know them better during the hike. With easy to medium gradients, the Assmannshausen wild herb trail is not only suitable for experienced hikers.

The many breathtaking views and panoramic vistas round off the nature experience while hiking. Herb inns in Assmannshausen invite you to enjoy culinary offerings with herbal cuisine, top wines and regional ingredients after the hike. The entrance to the Assmannshausen wild herb trail is at the church in Assmannshausen.

Rüdesheim Hildegard Path

A special hiking experience awaits hikers with the 6.7-kilometre-long circular hiking trail, which has received an award for excellence. The hiking trail leads from Rüdesheim through vineyards to the parish and pilgrimage church of Eibingen and the abbey of St. Hildegard. The sights and many vantage points along the Rüdesheim Hildegard Trail offer an insight into the life of Hildegard von Bingen and the landscape of that time.

The Rüdesheim Hildegard Trail begins at the Bingen / Rüdesheim passenger ferry or at Rüdesheim railway station. From there, the trail leads to Brömserburg Castle and then by means of a small climb into the vineyards of Rüdesheim. The Rüdesheim Hildegard Trail then leads via Eibingen with its parish and pilgrimage church to St. Hildegard's Abbey. As you continue, the circular hiking trail leads you above the Rhine valley along the slope. At the viaduct of the former rack railway, the Hildegard Trail then turns onto an ancient path connection, the Kuhweg, and leads you back to Rüdesheim.

Short hiking tours around Rüdesheim am Rhein

1st Freiligrath Route
From poetry to pleasure
Named after the romantic poet and companion of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Ferdinand Freiligrath, this 5-kilometre Nordic walking and hiking route leads through the well-known Assmannshäus vineyard sites of Höllenberg, Hinterkirch and Frankenthal. The path climbs gently yet steadily and leads downhill again after a flat passage. Thus, in total, only 88 metres of altitude difference have to be overcome while hiking.

2nd Ostein Route
From the Enchanted Forest to the Temple of Vision
The Ostein Route was named after Maximilian Amor Maria Ostein, a count of the Ancien Regime. Count Ostein invested many gulden in the transformation of his Niederwald into a romantic park at the end of the Rococo period. The ancient Niederwald temple, which was rebuilt in 2006, bears witness to the attitude to life at that time: back to nature. The cable car takes you directly from Rüdesheim's old town up to the Niederwald Monument and Niederwald Temple. The 4.9-kilometre circular trail with a difference in altitude of only 73 metres is then easy to walk.

3rd Pottery Route
From the potter's kiln to the wine jug
The 5.9 kilometre long circular route is named after the old potter's craft and is modelled on the arduous daily route of the Aulhausen potters with 215 metres of altitude. The starting point is the centre of Aulhausen. The circular route leads over the Mühlberg through the Hofgraben to the "Tonwäldchen" and to the Kammerforst. The potters' route passes numerous historic sites of the pottery trade. The route then leads back to the old wine and pottery village of Aulhausen.

4th Monastery Route
From the "high" to the "Nothgottes" valley
The Ebenthal valley in Rüdesheim is called the "high" valley. The plateau with a valley incision is the reason for the unusual name. The Blaubach or Nothgottes Valley, known as the "deep" valley, is in turn self-explanatory. Nordic walkers and hikers recognise the difference after the ascent at the latest. The Kloster route, which is 8.5 km long in total, leads through the Rüdesheim vineyards Rüdesheimer Bischofsberg and Klosterberg with 245 metres of altitude gain. The route then passes the old Eibingen Abbey and the St. Hildegard Monastery. Via Ebenthal and the former Nothgottes monastery in the Blaubachtal valley, the route leads back to the vineyards of Rüdesheim's Magdalenenkreuz and then back to Rüdesheim.

5th Rhine Romantic Route
From heaven to "hell
The name says it all on the Rhine Romantic Route. The route, which is 11.7 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 424 metres, is a tough one, but it compensates Nordic walkers and hikers with an enchanting combination of vantage points, castles, vineyards, wild and romantic stretches and untouched nature. A special feature of the Rhine Romantic Route is the two starting points. You can start from Assmannshausen as well as from Aulhausen, but you will always return to the starting point.

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